About HappyStep ® Professional Footcare

HappyStep® is one of the most reliable and popular trademark for foot care products. If you are looking for professionally designed foot care products that support walking, running, sporting and day-to-day activities, then HappyStep® Insoles is your right choice.


HappyStep® is professional foot care trademark for footcare products. It is owned and operated by Universal Electrical Supply Ltd. We design, manufacture and sale Orthopedic Insoles, Sporting Insoles, Comfort Insoles, SheepSkin Insoles, Bunion Splint, Heel Sock and a lot more. Our products provide arch support, heel support, point of ball support, toe alignment and pain relief for common foot


Our products are distributed worldwidely. You could purchase our products on most popular e-commerce websites. We are also welcome new vendors to join us as distributors and retailers.